Embrace precision engineering, comfort and control.

Remote Control in Action

                                         Simple control of your outdoor space


With a touch of a button, a convenient remote control rotates the louvers from fully open to fully shut in just a matter of moments. Adjust your system’s louvers to protect your eyes and skin when the sun is at its highest. Close the roof to gain quick coverage during a rain shower. Add shade or sun to plants and pets as the sun moves throughout the day, all at the touch of your fingertips.

Motor in Action

Precision engineered motor drives the louvers

An innovative system of rotating gears perfectly positions the louvers to ventilate the breeze, block the sun or protect against sun.

Solar Battery

When securely and discretely mounted in a sunny area of your roof, a solar battery draws, stores and converts the sun’s energy to rotate the roof louvers. No additional wiring or power is needed.

Built-in Gutters

Stay dry under an Equinox

Equinox Louvered Roofs feature an integrated, hidden gutter system that manages rainwater runoff. Roof louvers are precisely angled to direct rainwater into the gutters contained inside the surrounding frame. An integrated downspout then moves water away from the covered area, keeping occupants, furniture, grills and kitchens dry and comfortable.

Color Consideration

Colors for any style

Select a louver color to match, coordinate or contrast with the surrounding architecture.

White creates a crisp clean appearance. Sandstone’s warm, comforting tone blends with many brick and cladding options. Clay creates cool, dark ambiance.

Customize your beam and post with creative textures, colors, and finishes to create an unique system perfect for your environment.

Optional Upgrades

Radiant heat can easily be integrated into your patio system to provide powerful heat to warm your guests during cold days and nights. Guests and patrons stay longer on outdoor patios when they are comfortable.

Consider a designer fan for additional direct ventilation and stronger breezes on the hot days. Fans and lighting can be wired into your Equinox Louvered Roof for the

Customized columns and beams provide options that complement your home’s style.  Choose a style that blends with your existing architecture. Round, tapered, square, fluted column styles are available which can be finished with any color or texture.