How to plan a fun outdoor patio party

With the spring and summer seasons just around the corner, it’s a good time to start preparing for your next big shindig in the backyard. Really, it never hurts to prepare ahead of time even for a casual affair with the best of friends. Here are a few suggestions to include when planning your next fun, outdoor patio party:

Have a Theme – Nothing brings people together more than a feeling of shared experience. For your patio party, encourage people a reason to dress in a certain way and speak with funny – albeit bad! –accents. Also decorate in the appropriate style and serve a variety of regional dishes. Not only will the conversation be easier to start but there will be plenty of laughter and your guests will appreciate you for the effort.

Provide Ample Seating – Parties can be tiring so plenty of seating is a must. This fact is especially true if you are serving food – even trays of finger foods need to be set down once in a while to clean one’s hands or to take a drink. If your patio space is small, consider adding bar tables. They take up far less room – no chairs! – and allow guests more opportunity to mingle.

Be Ready for Rain – No one can predict the weather and summertime often brings unexpected rain showers. Even if they only last for a minute or two, your guests will be crowded for better or –mostly! – worse inside your home until the downpour subsides. A better solution is to install a louvered roof over your patio. When the sun is out, leave it open and the rain arrives, close it with the push of a button. Either way, you and your guests stay comfortable.

Designate a Smoking Area – It may be regrettable but many people still smoke. As a host, you should not make them feel like pariahs. Instead, provide a comfortable – if somewhat distant – place for them to relax and enjoy their favorite vice. It will also makes you other guests a little happier.

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