Equinox Louvered Roof systems are a sensible upgrade for any business, such as restaurants, hospitality, hotels, club houses and builders, which need to increase its usable outdoor seating area. The system is designed to be versatile and fit with most architectural styles.

Hospitality & Restaurant Revenue Calculator

Optimize seating + maximize revenue

When you sign up for the Equinox FREE, easy-to-use ROI calculator, you’ll gain access to our handy online tool that will help you calculate the potential revenue increase to your business by covering your outdoor patio with an Equinox Louvered Roof. Some of the benefits of covering your patio’s roof:

  • Outdoor dining in sun, shade or rain

  • Increase your dining options and capacity at a lower cost than renovations

  • Maximize the comfort and functionality of your outdoor dining space year round

  • And more!

Sign up to use the FREE ROI Calculator

Equinox ROI Calculator

Sign up to use the FREE ROI Calculator