Top 10 plants for a thriving patio container garden

Growing potted plants is convenient because you can resituate them when needed and move them out of stormy weather. These portable gardens can soften and bring life and color to any small space around your home. A container garden on your patio keeps you close to the plants you love. Consider these top 10 plants for containers, all of which last years with proper care.

Golden Sword Yucca

Ideal for Growing Zones 4-11, Golden Sword easily combines with a variety of seasonal flowers. The 2-inch-wide leaves grow 2 to 3 feet long and have attractive dark green, light green and golden yellow stripes.

Green Mountain Boxwood

This slow-growing shrub thrives in Zones 4-9 and maintains its green color all winter long. Living in a container keeps it smaller than its typical 5-foot height, and rotating the container balances light exposure to prevent bare spots.

Golden Creeping Jenny

If you love cascading plants and live in Zones 4-8, this plant is perfect. It spills out over the container’s edge for a beautiful appearance.

Japanese Pieris

Hardy in Zones 6-8, this plant features evergreen foliage with beautiful red, pink or white blossoms in spring.

Emerald Arborvitae

If you want a vertical accent in your Zone 2-7 container garden, this evergreen plant fits the bill. The shape and texture of the foliage makes it a great accompaniment to many seasonal flowers.


This strong grower, ideal in Zones 3-8, has glossy oval leaves that add a bold element to any container garden. Bergenias blossom with beautiful pink flowers in spring.

Variegated Redtwig Dogwood

This shrub grows in Zones 2-8 and serves as a handsome focal point in your container garden with its deeply colored variegated leaves.


A low-growing, purple-leaved perennial that thrives in Zones 3-8, this plant provides interest beneath taller container plants.

Blue Star Juniper

This slow-growing juniper found in Zones 4-9 provides a uniquely colored backdrop for flowering container plants.

Fuldaglut Sedum

Growing in Zones 4-9, this bronze-colored plant boasts cerise blooms in late summer and turns red in winter, dressing up your container garden in any season.

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