Share Your Patio Covering Design

Thank you for choosing Equinox Louvered Roofs for your project. We’re delighted to share your success with others. Because our intent is to inspire others, we have a few suggestions to consider before submitting your photos.

  • We give preference to images that showcase the Equinox Louvered Roof system in context with the greater environment. We prefer to see finished projects versus those under construction.
  • Our most popular images are those in which people can picture themselves. Those feature an inspiring setting, one that is fully staged and cleaned for use.
  • Landscape-oriented images provide the greatest flexibility for online viewing. However, for future reference, it’s always helpful to capture your project in landscape and portrait orientations.
  • Images must be in JPG or JPEG format and no larger than 3MB. They must be at least 600×600 pixels in dimension.

Images must be in JPG or JPEG format and no larger then 3MB. They must be at least 600x600 pixels in dimension. You can upload up to 12 images per project by clicking the "Add Another Image".