Protecting your skin from the sun’s harsh rays

Most damaging sun exposure doesn’t happen while off on tropical vacations, or trekking through the desert, it happens right in your own backyard. It can even happen sitting in front of a window in your home. Sitting in the sun for even just a little while can contribute to cumulative UV damage over time.

One solution is to stay indoors, but that isn’t practical, or pleasant. Another option is to control the environment in your yard, and in your home.

One way to do that is through patios and outdoor roof treatments. Blocking or redirecting harsh sunlight during certain times of the day can dramatically reduce UV exposure and help keep patio areas cool. Your home will stay cooler, too, since there will be less afternoon sunlight glaring through your windows.

Of course, there may be times when you don’t want anything getting in the way of your sunshine, and that’s okay. With louvered patio roof systems, incoming light can be controlled and adjusted at will. Louvers can be positioned from completely open to completely closed quickly and easily, as well as any position in between.

This means that the sunlight can be angled and directed away from guests enjoying iced tea in the backyard, reducing annoying and harmful glare. It also means that the louvers can be closed off in the event of a sudden summer shower right in the middle of your outdoor party.

With Equinox Louvered Roof systems, you can get control of your outdoor environment, protecting your family from harmful UV rays while still enjoying the warm weather outside. Contact your local Equinox dealer to start getting more enjoyment from your outdoor living space today.