Posh Patio Parties: Welcome Spring

The Vernal Equinox, the first day of Spring, is a time of celebration and rebirth. As the northern hemisphere moves away from the darkness of winter and into the light of spring, the world comes back to life. This is a time for awakening – for planting seeds, feeling the warm sun on your face, and preparing your home for the return of outdoor living. It is also the perfect time for a Vernal Equinox party. Hosting a party to welcome spring is a great way to reconnect with your friends and family after a long winter.

The Decor

As the world around you comes to life, so too should your outdoor room. Fill your space with budding twigs, flowers, and potted plants. Use bright table linens for a festive atmosphere. Let in the natural sunlight, and string twinkling white lights to brighten up the night when the sun sets.

The Food

Foods associated with spring are typically lighter and brighter than the heavy fare of the colder months. Here are some easy meal suggestions that will keep your guests happy.

fresh fruit – nothing says spring like the sweet tang of a big fruit salad.

quiche – eggs symbolize new life and making a few quiches the night before the party will free you up to celebrate with your guests.

asparagus – one of the first vegetables to come up each growing season, asparagus is a traditional spring tonic and easy to prepare in the oven or on the grill.

lamb kebabs – Another spring treat, lamb can be mixed with fresh vegetables on skewers and grilled to perfection while your guests mingle.

Champagne – Bright and bubbly, Champagne fits the bill for a celebration of light and warmth.

The Celebration

Because spring is about birth and growth, a planting ceremony is a meaningful way to recognize the new season. Give each guest a spring bulb and a pretty planter. Have a bin of potting soil and some hand trowels nearby. As each guest fills their planter with soil and plants their bulb, remind them to think about how they want to grow in the new year. The emerging plant will be a reminder of that growth and of the celebration that welcomed spring into their lives once again.

The weather of early spring can be unpredictable. For your patio party, be prepared for sudden rain with the Equinox Louvered Roof system. When the sun is bright, open the louvers to provide a comfortable amount of shade. At the first hint of rain, close the louvers for a watertight solid roof. Your guests will stay dry, and they will be impressed that the fun can continue uninterrupted with your Equinox Louvered Roof. Contact a dealer near you.

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